President Donald Trump continues to do an exceptional job in aiding the many in need that were devastated by hurricane Harvey. The President returned to visit Texas on Saturday to visit with the hurricane victims and visit with officials to discuss the plans in the ongoing recovery phase that Texas is now in. Reports from officials in Texas say that Trump is now asking for around 14.5 billion from congress in an effort to help aide the devastated state.

“We are with you today and we are with you tomorrow and every single day,” stated the President, letting it be known that the efforts to help Texas are only beginning and will continue until the state has fully recovered from the hurricane aftermath.

During Saturday, the president went to visit NRG stadium, which is the home of the Houston Texans, a stadium that is being used as a shelter to help aid the victims of the hurricane. Trump was seen giving out much love to the victims as he spread around many hugs to the victims and was even playing around with the kids at the stadium. This goes to show the president actually has a heart and is a man who is really all about helping Americans in any way necessary.

Heading into Saturday evening, the president is scheduled to meet with officials in Lake Charles, LA, accompanied by Melania Trump. This state was also devastated with the disastrous blow by hurricane Harvey as well and Trump will go there to discuss recovery efforts as well and see just how much money in aid Louisiana needs. Trump had traveled already earlier this week to meet with officials and emergency responders on Tuesday in Corpus Christi and Austin to see around how much he would ask congress in financial aid.

Before he visited, the White House stated that the President took a few days before even going to Texas so he wouldn’t interrupt local recovery efforts.

It is reported that Donald Trump initially had asked for around 9.7 billion from congress after he had initially visited Texas on Tuesday. Now the president plans to ask for around 14.5 billion from congress in an effort for Texas to be able to fully recover from the Harvey’s aftermath.

Congress returns from an August recess next week Tuesday and they are expected to promptly start working on Donald Trumps’ request and see what they can do to get as close as they can to the 14.5 billion that Trump expects from them.

Paul Ryan stated on Friday evening that while the long road ahead of recovery efforts of the aftermath are just beginning, congress will act quickly on the president’s request and do everything in their power to meet the expectations of them giving the 14.5 billion that Texas desperately needs.

In a time where America is having race wars and people are being split apart by politics, its times like these when communities come together no matter what race, ethnicity, or political party you belong to.  It reminds us that even though we may be split up at times over stupid ideas, in the end, we are all humans and we were meant to help each other and be a community that shows unity.