The Wounded Officer Recovery Act of 2017 as been signed by President Donald Trump on August 4, 2017. It is an act that was put into place that requires the Capitol Police Board to make payments from the United States Capitol Police Memorial Fund to employees of the United States Capitol Police who have suffered serious injuries or have been killed while on the line of duty. The incident that set the whole idea of this bill to be passed was the congressional baseball shooting that happened this summer.

On June 14, 2017 a republican team practice was taking place a day before the congressional Baseball game which is an annual summer tradition by the United States congress. At the practice a gunman opened fire on several dozen people that were on the field. Several people were shot which included Republican Representative Steve Scalise and also two security guards were shot. Two U.S Capitol police officers named Crystal Griner and David Bailey assigned to do security detail for Scalise were shot when trying to stop the shooter. Everybody made it through the attack still alive except for the gunman James T .Hogkinson who was anti republican and hated Donald Trump and the entire Republican Party.

The Congressional baseball shooting was an eye opener for congress realizing that police officers can always lose their lives or suffer a serious injury in a split second while on duty and the families of those police officers would be greatly impact by it deeply. The Wounded Recovery Act was introduced shorty aftermath the shooting by the managers of the Republican and Democratic baseball teams . The proposal was to expand an existing law that originally was intended for the families of Capitol Officers killed but  to include officers wounded on the job as well .

The supporters say the Wounded Officer Recovery Act is an upgraded version and fixes the gap to the 1998 law created by the United States Capitol Police Memorial Fund . The act would allow payments for the two officers Griner and Bailey who were attacked during the congressional baseball practice shooting suffered serious injuries .The members of the House and Senate understand the risks that are willing to be taken by the officers each and every day when they put on their uniform. The people of congress felt that the law should be amended to allow the fund to provide support to all US Capitol Police officers not only the ones that are killed seriously injured in the line duty.

In my opinion I think the law being passed is a slap to the face to all police officers who are not Capitol Police officers working with the federal agency and is only dividing the country and stirring up even more controversy with cops  more than it already is right now. It is not fair to the millions of other officers who are sworn in and make an oath to serve and protect the citizens  of America and bust their asses each day to not be able to receive funding if their seriously injured. It’s showing more favoritism to the officers protecting political figures and congress more than a local police officer protecting citizens living in a small town. I think the signing and passing of the Act is just another way for Donald Trump to show that he is a decent president when in reality is just a major headache for the White House.