We are now two weeks into another the NFL season and a certain social activist is still on the free agent market. Of course we are talking about Colin Kaepernick who last played for the San Francisco 49ers in 2016. With all the controversy and news surrounding the quarterback it seemed evident that a team would have to be very desperate to sign Kaepernick even though he is still capable of playing at a decent level. Maybe it would an injury to a starting quarterback or poor quarterback play that would convince a team to give him a chance. Unfortunately, even with these circumstances it seems like his time may never come.

After scoring a measly 16 points in a loss at home against the rival Tennessee Titans it is evident that the Jacksonville Jaguars are in serious need of a new starting quarterback. Since 2014 they have started Blake Bortles and the offense has continued to struggle. Last year they ranked 25th out of 32 teams in points scored.

Former star running back for the Jaguars, Maurice Jones-Drew made it clear that fans are growing tired of Jacksonville’s ineptitude. “But seriously though, Colin Kaepernick though… there are people in Jacksonville who are literally crying for them to go do research and bring him in.” Jones-Drew said this week on NFL Network. Every NFL fan knows the Jacksonville Jaguars are a historically bad franchise. The year 2010 was the last year they finished with 8 wins or more. They have not made the playoffs since 2007, the fact that they still refuse to bring in a quarterback who was one play away from winning a Super Bowl and one play away from playing in another Super Bowl speaks volumes.

Another NFL team that is struggling mightily offensively is the Cincinnati Bengals. They are the first team since 1939 to not score a touchdown in their first two games and players have started to get frustrated. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reported this week that “There’s a feeling among some of the players that the Bengals should go off the board and consider bringing in Colin Kaepernick.” The report also stated that there was a “near mutiny” in the locker after their second consecutive abysmal offensive performance.

For years the Bengals are a team that have had very good defenses but are notorious for not winning a single playoff game in 5 consecutive seasons from 2011-2015. The main reason being their offense and the leader of that offense being their starting quarterback Andy Dalton. Though it is not all his fault he has been horrendous in the playoffs. In his playoff career he has thrown 6 interceptions with only a single touchdown pass. Kaepernick in more playoff games has thrown less interceptions and only threw 4 in twelve games last year while Dalton already has 4 through two games.    

No one is suggesting that Colin Kaepernick is a Hall of Fame quarterback but it is obvious that he deserves to be in the league at least as a backup. Despite bad quarterback play, despite a protest outside the NFL headquarters, despite star NFL players from Aaron Rodgers to Tom Brady showing support, he is still unemployed. It is shameful that he has been blackballed for his stance against racial injustice in America.  His message is one of equality not disrespect towards the American flag. His stance should be praised and admired and instead he is being ostracized. It is a reflection of the NFL and this country and shows why people like Kaepernick must continue to fight.