In recent months since Trump has been in the white house a large number of people operating the white house have been let go due to Trump’s irrational behavior, policies, and decision-making. It is so sad that Trump is such a horrible president that no one is willing to work with him. Preet Bharara who is the former United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, was appointed to his position in 2009 by former President Barack Obama. Bharara was considered to be known as one of the highest-profile federal prosecutors and his aggressive personality did well for him when dealing with corruption and Wall Street crime cases.

Bharara was unfortunately let go by Donald Trump on March 11, 2017, after refusing to resign from his current position. A total of 45 other appointed United States attorneys were also asked to resign from their positions. It is a cruel thing to do by the president even though it is not unusual for a new president to replace US attorneys with their own selected group. In my opinion, if the attorneys are qualified and doing their jobs to the best of their ability there shouldn’t be any need to get rid of them. Bharara has strongly voiced his opinion and says a lot has changed in his life since he left his position. He says that there is a difference in how you carry yourself when representing the United States Government compared to being a private citizen and Baharara feels that Trump doesn’t know the difference between the two.

Months before he was fired, Bharara says he was asked to stay on his position by the newly elected president Trump during a meeting in Trump Tower back in November 2016. He told Trump it would be an honor to continue to serve and reassured him that he was dedicated to the mission of the office. Trump took those words into consideration allowing him to keep his job. It came as a complete shock in the days leading up to the firing when Bharara received two missed calls from Trump and was finally asked to leave.

Bharara has fired back at the President via Twitter. He tweeted to the world letting them know that he was actually fired and didn’t resign because he didn’t want to give up his position in office. He also ranted about the issues the white house has been faced with which includes the ongoing Russia federal investigation into meddling with the 2016 election. Bharara basically made it clear on Twitter that Trump is a corrupt president who doesn’t want to admit any wrongdoing. Bharara loved his job and it is very sad how he would be let go by an idiotic President. Trump is a businessman who has no clue about politics he should be let go by U.S Congress.