America is often referred to as the land of the free but that freedom that may not always be a good thing. When it comes to American’s right to bear arms it is in the best interest of all that gun laws become more restricted. The United States has established and normalized a radical pro gun culture that has taken the lives of many American citizens while injuring and endangering the lives of countless more. Government leaders must enact stricter gun laws to keep Americans safer and stop the pro gun agenda. Unfortunately many in the GOP still oppose no matter how many people loss their lives to senseless gun violence.

Politico recently released a story indicating that House GOP leaders will soon vote on two bills that would loosen the already loose gun laws in America. The first bill would reduce regulations on the purchase of gun silencers. The second bill is designed to allow concealed carry permit holders to take their weapons to other states. It is also reported that both of these bills will almost certainly pass through the House and then making its way to the Senate.

It is a sad state of affairs that a majority of GOP members still do not understand the dangers of this pro gun mentality. Republicans continue to make the argument that most mass shootings in America are committed by people who acquire guns illegally but that is not the case. The magazine known as Mother Jones tracked mass shootings from 1982 to 2012 in the US and found that for every one killer who obtained a firearm illegally almost five killers obtained theirs legally.  

Another silly argument is that guns keep people safe which is sometimes true but more often than not it puts people in harm’s way. Just a few days ago a gunshot rang out in the cafeteria at Mattoon High School in Illinois. The male student with the handgun injured another student before a teacher subdued him until an on-site officer disarmed him. If not for the courageous effort of this teacher things could have been much worse. In an area like a cafeteria where there is an abundance of people there easily could have been multiple people injured and or killed.

Research has shown that mass shootings are occurring more often and that more and more people are dying. Just last year 49 people in Orlando were killed by Omar Mateen, Adam Lanza took the lives of 27 in 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary. Twelve people were killed along with 58 being injured in 2012 by James Holmes. There is more than enough evidence proving that firearms in this country is a serious problem that must be addressed by more restrictions.

These bills that the GOP is trying to pass is only moving us backwards and is dangerous to us all. According to the Mass Shooting Tracker there have already been 320 mass shootings in America this year and the month of September has not even ended yet. The firearm death rate in America is sky high compared to other countries and it is no coincidence that we have more guns. GOP lawmakers need to realize that this pro gun stance has taken the lives of many Americans and it will continue to get worse by loosening gun laws. How many shootings from must take place before they realize this is not the answer?