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September 18th, 2017

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Making Headlines: What Everyone is Talking About

Hurricane Maria

The Caribbean may be in trouble with yet another storm in the midst. Hurricane Maria is on trajectory to hit Puerto Rico as a category 4 hurricane on Wednesday, passing over islands that were completely devastated by Hurricane Irma. Officials in islands such as Dominica are urging people to evacuate from the island.

United Nations Reform

President Trump has blamed the mismanagement of the United Nations for having it not perform to “its full potential.” He says that the members of the UN have relied too heavily on the United States and that the should shoulder more of the burden. Trump said, “Make the United Nations great. Not again. Make the United Nations great. Such tremendous potential, and I think we’ll be able to do this,” and hopes the UN will be able to do more to deal with North Korea, Syria, and Iran.

New HealthCare Proposal

A new healthcare proposal is picking up steam in congress, however, it has major hurdles to push through prior to its approval. This new healthcare bill would slash medicaid funding to a fraction of the current spend, and instead give state grants to establish their own healthcare programs.

North Korea

After North Korea has been testing nuclear missiles that could reach the US all summer, the UN has imposed heavy sanctions on the country, however, the country has come out to say that the sanctions will only make it test its nuclear missiles and improve them faster. The sanctions, however, still allow North Korea to trade internationally, and therefore are not as effective.

We commend SG @AntonioGuterres & his call for the UN to focus more on people & less on bureaucracy. #USAatUNGA #UNGA

President Trump tweeted from the UN

September 18th by the Numbers: The Stance on DACA


of Democrats Support DACA


of Republicans Oppose DACA


of Americans think Trump Made the Wrong Decision


of Americans Believe that DACA Recipients Should be Allowed to Stay in the Country

Video of the Day

What Happened?

Simon Sinek speaks about millennials in the workplace, about why they are tough to manage and uses adjectives such as “entitled, narcissistic, and unmotivated.”

Why Does It Matter?

Millennials in the work place has been a long debate, and overnight this video has gone viral, reaching millions of people through social media.

How Did People React?

For people outside of this generation, it has given their thoughts validation and an excuse. However, millennials are – pissed. Mainly because of the examples used on this video. What are your thoughts?