There is no doubt that the terrorist attacks that occurred in Barcelona on Thursday evening and the attacks that took place 61 miles away from Barcelona, in Cambrils early Friday morning, have put world countries on high alert. Shockingly enough, after a van stampeded through a crowd on the streets of Barcelona killing 14 thus far, a separate incident occurred with a man shooting officers then being gunned down after failing to stop at a police checkpoint.

 After this, in a nearby city, a house was exploded causing the death of 1 person. You would think after these 3 incidents the madness was over, but it simply continued. Early Friday morning, 5 men with suicide belts threatened the streets of Cambrils and before the men could detonate and kill many innocent civilians, the cops shot and killed the terrorists themselves. These officers are now being hailed as heroes due to their swift actions that saved the lives of many innocent civilians.

With so much chaos occurring Thursday and Friday in Europe, many governments around the world are now on high alert and are told to be on the lookout for suspicious activity. Just when we thought that security in many big name cities was top of the line and nothing could happen, those terrorists in Europe put authorities to the test and cause chaos to create panic in countries all over the world.

This doesn’t go without saying that authorities are doing their absolute best to try and protect their cities. For that, I applaud them, but these acts of terrorism have led authorities to create new strategies on how to better protect civilization in their countries.

In America, the travel ban is causing a ginormous uproar and many people are criticizing President Trump for such harsh rules as to who can and who can’t enter America. Yes, not everything about the travel ban is 100% right, I can say that, but many of the measures taken in the ban are just precautions to help better protect the United States from any mass terror attacks happening here.

President Trump’s top priority as well as many country leaders, is to create a safe civilization for us so we don’t walk outside every day in fear of the next terror plot or where it will occur. There is still much room for improvement on national security, but the President is doing his best to create a safer America.

Just this April, a man in the Fort Lauderdale International Airport, passed TSA security and metal detectors and it was later discovered before the flight, he had a gun in his carry-on bag which led the authorities to detain and question the man, even though later on it was discovered he had a gun permit, he still didn’t have the authority to carry his gun on a flight.

This definitely goes to show that if a man can pass through TSA security metal detectors without his gun being discovered by agents, there is huge room for improvement for our national security. With the Barcelona and Cambrils attacks being so fresh on our minds, this causes major concern for countries all over the world and raises questions as to how officials can better protect citizens.