For many months, people have been wondering when there would be a full out brawl between the Republican Party. This is due to the fact that for the past few months, there has been an outrage between many people in the Republican party fighting between each other due to a slew of differing opinions leading to a variety of Republicans leaving the White House.

Trump took over the Republican Party and took his position of becoming our American President this year but since he has taken office, many people even in his own administration, have attacked him. These accusations are ridiculous because our president has done a wonderful job in the months he has taken office.

Since there is a huge show of miscommunication that comes from the party as of recently and many people differing with Trumps opinions, President Trump has had to make many executive decisions to help our country become far more powerful than before.

But just this week, there has been even more mediocrity taking play. In Alabama, there is a huge fight between government officials whether Jeff Sessions has what it takes to serve the remainder of his term as Attorney General. This comes just weeks after Trump belittled his own attorney, which caused even more GOP friction.

The great part about all of this is that while all this nonsense is taking place in Washington, Trump is still getting work done. Many have forgotten about the fact that in recent months, Trump has brought down taxes, boosted our economy, and set a more solid state of national security that we necessary for America.

However, with the Senate race under way, tensions are starting to become even higher between the Republican Party. Since many people are coming in and exiting Trump’s team, many are questioning now as to who can really be trusted to play a great role such as a Senator in Washington.

Along with this in late July, Trump’s former campaign manager had his house raided by FBI officials in which the authorities took documents and other materials that related to the investigation of Russia‚Äôs meddling in the elections of 2016. The main stream media outlets however did blow this way out of proportion indicating that the documents had evidence that could lock up Mr. Manafort. Later on, the FBI did announce and state that Manafort did cooperate with authorities and no major signs were found that could lead to Manafort being taken away into custody. Many Liberals have taken situations like these and blown them way out of proportion rather than understanding that there are rough patches in a Presidents term sooner or later.

With the mainstream media outlets however portraying Barack Obama as the son of God himself who had no rough patches, and every action he took was right, of course people are going to lash out at the Republican Party when there is one little tough time in Trump’s term. Many media outlets destroyed the views of how people need to view a country and it’s problems by portraying Obama’s term as the best term any President has had, which is not true! Like any tough time, the party will get through it, move on, and accomplish many great things for the remainder of Trump’s term.

Photo By: Gage Skidmore