On Monday afternoon, President Trump outlined a new war strategy against Afghanistan in which the President hopes to accomplish what he calls, “lasting peace.” The President went on to reject arbitrary times tables for the U.S. military presence. He intends to mount up pressure on Pakistan to cease the harboring of militants, and vowed to refocus the mission on “killing terrorists.”

The President went on to state, “From now on, victory will have a crystal clear definition, crushing ISIS and Al Qaeda to piece, preventing the Taliban from gaining control over Afghanistan, and stopping terror attacks against the U.S.” Trump addressed the nation and urges it is time to deal with a great amount of terrorists, confront, and kill them rather than focusing on rebuilding the governments of other nations.

President Trump made it clear to the public that he will be keeping military in Afghanistan and he will do whatever is necessary to, “fight and win.” Trump fears that if he withdraws troops to soon now, terrorists will go on to create bigger and more hostile groups than ISIS currently is and will build a mass army to take down U.S. and neighboring military.

Just look at the effect that Obama caused a few years back. Obama made a decision to pull out thousands of troops from that region and what was the result? Isis was born and is right now one of the biggest terrorist groups in the world causing many attacks that have left thousands of innocent civilians dead.

Trump, as he discussed with service-members in Fort Myer, VA, has a sharp distinction between his approach and that of his predecessors and wants the presence of the U.S. military to be clear out in Afghanistan so that terrorists know that we are coming to kill them. President Trump did not disclose the numbers of troops that would be sent nor did he discuss a withdrawal date or how exactly the plan of attack would be drawn out.

Conditions on the ground and not arbitrary times tables is what the President stated in response to how the troops will take down terrorists. The President has seen the arbitrary times tables fail more often than not does not want American enemies to ever know our exact plan of attack. He believes attacking without a set in stone plan will be unpredictable meaning that our enemies will always be in the dark when we attack.

After the speech concluded, a U.S. senior official told Fox News that Trump has in fact signed off on sending around 4,000 extra troops to Afghanistan while he was listening in on appeals from his generals. Trumps address to the nation however was far more focused than just stating how many men we would send overseas.

The President also stressed that the United States commitment to Afghanistan is not a, ”blank check” and the people of America expect real results when operations are conducted over seas. Trump declared to the nation that the days of democracy building are in fact at an end.

Afghanistan and Pakistan can’t be negotiated with anymore, we gave them a chance and they wont fool us again. It is time we hit them with power and destroy terrorism so that nations see that we are not a defenseless country that will let terrorists terrorize this world.

President Trump is now the third commander-in-chief to attempt to bring stability to the war torn country and seeks to claim a U.S. victory in what is now known as the longest war America has faced.