It seems that the further we get into the Presidency of Donald Trump; many Americans are starting to lose focus on issues that really matter and they’re starting to focus on irrelevant issues that don’t benefit the U.S. If you go visit, there you will find many petitions that have been created by the citizens of the U.S. and most are for a good cause.

These petitions can range anywhere from preserving the National Endowment for the Arts, to petitions that deal with the calling for a federal investigation into United Airlines, following the occurrences that left a few passengers without a flight and some bruised after their experience with the airline and flight attendants became violent. Just about anyone can log on to the website and once a certain petition reaches 100,000 signatures, the White House takes these petitions into serious consideration to deal with them.

Recently, two petitions were enlisted on the website with the goal of reaching 100,000 signatures so the White House could deal with these matters urgently. The first petition deals with Immediately releasing Donald Trump’s tax returns which have yet to be seen by the American public. The second petition deals with the U.S. government formally recognizing Antifa as a terrorist group. Now, here’s the disturbing matter in this situation, the petition that deals with Trump’s tax returns has over 1 million signatures while the Antifa petition only has 245,955 signatures.

For those who are unaware, Antifa is a group that is responsible for multiple assassinations of citizens across Asia and Europe and the group is only rising in numbers. They are also responsible for attacking and seriously injuring police officers in a riot in Phoenix just last week. The scariest part is that many of this group’s members reside here in the United States. They have also made a threat to attack and kill Canadian journalists at a protest that will take place next week.

Many Americans have officially lost their mind! Some citizens really feel that it is more important to see some bogus tax returns rather than formally announce that there is a terrorist group in which many of their members exist here in America?! Absolutely disgusting!! It’s those same people that will be crying on the floor blaming the government for not announcing that there is a terrorist group on our hands when an attack, God forbid, occurs.

America, pull it together for the sake and safety of our own country. Many media outlets have installed the idea into many people’s brains to believe that Trump is a villain for not showing his tax return documents. I’ve got news for all the ignorant people that believe this nonsense, seeing his tax returns won’t make your life any better, you won’t receive any money for looking at his tax returns, nor will it bring safety to your family. Stop focusing on bullsh*t and start looking at the real problems we need to deal with.

Photo By: Gage Skidmore