It’s as if Democrats can’t get enough of bashing Trump over their bitterness that Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016. Next month, Hilary Clinton will be releasing a new book entitled, “What Happened” which will reportedly discuss her controversial emails, Moscow’s meddling, her loss in the 2016 election, and many other topics. 

Even though this book will focus on topics that discuss her life the past few years, it’s also highly likely it will include a multitude of excuses on how and why she lost the presidential race in which she will look for comfort and approval from her party supporters.

On top of all this, many Democrats do have an eye of concern over this book however because some feel that this book will only help fuel Trump’s case that the Democratic party is after him due to their bitterness of him winning the election.

This book also brings concern among some Democrats because it shows a sign of the party not being able to, “move on” and staying stuck in a phase of loss and mourning due to the election.

Chuck Schumer recently told the Washington Post in reference to the new book that when, “You lose to somebody with a 40% approval rating, you don’t blame anything else but yourself.” In light of this book being released, the Democratic Party is trying to brand a new image for their party with the slogan, “A Better Deal.” The out of power party is doing everything in their will to try and create a new image for their party and there is fear that this book will only destroy the new image which will bring back and discuss their old ways.

Former VP Joe Biden has also commented on this concern and criticized Hilary Clinton’s candidacy in the past few months stating that people aren’t paying enough attention to the blue-collar economic issues, instead, people are still held up in their bitterness over the election results.

In a recent Bloomberg poll, Clinton’s disapproval rating has skyrocketed with the poll showing that 58% view her unfavorably. Many people don’t know these statistics by the new poll and most still believe that Clinton is seen as a Messiah to the Democratic Party which is completely false. The Democrats increasingly prove that they disapprove of Hilary Clinton. It is also reported that many Democrats want Clinton to take the approach that Al Gore took in 2000, which is getting work done in the government to help contribute to society, instead of weeping over an election which took place almost a year ago.

Clinton stated last month that she wants the whole story to be out there about the 2016 election. Hilary, frankly no one gives a crap about an old election anymore. You lost fair and square, take the defeat, and move the hell on and start to man up and take action to better our government instead of looking for people to feel pity for you. Hammering allegations about Russia isn’t going to make you President; move on, and stop acting like a child who didn’t get her toy at Toys R Us a month ago that still weeps about it.