It is one year into the investigation of President Donald Trump’s aides being tied to the Russians during his 2016 presidential campaign. After a whole 365 days, the evidence against Trump and his allies being tied with the Russians is piling up and bringing Trump and his pals closer to where they need to be – behind bars. The investigation is moving a step forward as the Feds look into the financial ties with Trump and his associates with the Russians. It brings them closer to get insight on how deeply involved both sides were with each other during the 2016 campaign.

The web of financial ties could bring investigators closer to prosecution which would be a great victory for the country. The probe is led by Robert Mueller and is looking more towards financial crimes, possible illegal cooperation with Russian spy agencies, and the attempts of Trump and other associates to obstruct the investigators. Every investigative lead that comes through to the FBI agency, even the ones that don’t have anything do with Russia, but have something to do with Trump and his allies are referred to Muller. He is in charge and encourages the subjects to be cooperative during the investigation. Muller’s responsibility with the investigation is to investigate any matters that may arise directly from the investigation.

Last year in the summer of 2016, when the investigation started, US intelligence noticed a series of conversations being exchanged between Trumps’s campaign affiliates and suspected Russian intelligence raising a red flag in the whole. James Comey lost his job because he knew information about the investigation that could put Trump at risk. Comey also testified in court about his recollection with the investigation and his knowledge of the whole incident. Months into the investigation, information gathered from investigators showed Russian operatives coordinating with Trump associates on ways to damage Hilary Clinton’s chances of winning the election.

A year later the FBI is reviewing the finances of Trump, his son Trump Jr, and his campaign associates. The feds have carefully looked through the list of companies and buyers of the President’s real estate properties and have examined the roster of tenants at the Trump tower dating back more than a half a dozen years ago. The federal investigators have also looked at the backgrounds of the Russian business associates connected to Trump surrounding the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant.