Health care has been the hot topic of conversation in the most recent news. Many people depend of health care for financial reasons and because of it, there has been a political tug-of-war between political parties and financial classes. This is because many people do not want to keep “paying” for the health care of others and would like to see Obamacare repealed, which millions of people have relied on in the last few years. This past week, voting for a new health care bill reform took place where members of the predominantly Republican Senate left many people in shock.

The voting for the new bill took place this past Wednesday by the United States Senate. If passed, the bill would repeal Obamacare within the next two years according to USA Today, without an immediate plan of action. According to USA Today, the vote was 45-55 and was only six votes away from being placed into action. USA Today also shows that seven Republicans voted against it including John McCain. This comes as a surprise due to the recent news of John McCain’s health. If you haven’t heard the news on McCain, he was recently diagnosed with a deadly form of brain cancer. McCain is receiving the highest form of treatment under his government benefits and it shocked many people when he decided to deprive other people for receiving the same access to their health. McCain is expected to have about 18 months or less to live, so even if he was under Obamacare, he would not have been affected by the outcome of the bill either way.

This war over the bill has gone on for some time now and seems to be coming to a close. The Republican Party was never on board with President Obama and has tried for years to get Obamacare removed but had been vetoed more than once. There have also been reports of a major divide between the Republican Party and President Trump. Many Republicans have not shown support for Trump and refused to go though with this repeal because they felt the plan was vague and left no cushion if the bill were to be repealed.

If the new bill were to have been passed, it would have left millions of people without health care. People in privileged situations have to understand that everyone’s situation is different and not everyone may have financial access to certain things, especially in times of emergency. I hate to have to do this but unfortunately I must- although I haven’t always seen eye to eye with him, I felt sympathy for his situation. Because of his stance on the bill, I am heavily disappointed in him. McCain should have used his platform to give others access to health care and make a difference. On the other hand, I am glad the new reform didn’t get passed. The fight isn’t over yet but we must continue to fight for those who need the help.

Photo By: Gage Skidmore