The Chinese President, Xi Jinping, has recently advised North Korea and the United States to restrain from words and actions that will only raise more tension and conflict between the two countries. The two countries have been exchanging hostile remarks to one another and China fears tensions will flare between the two countries and a bloody war is imminent.

A White House statement said that China and the US agreed that North Korea must cease excessive hostile behavior towards the US. With China being North Korea’s major ally, if we went to war with North Korea, China would obviously side with North Korea, and a major World War we don’t need would be at our hands.

The problem here is the United States is only firing statements based on North Korea’s actions. Instead of looking at what Trump is saying to North Korea, if the Chinese President really wants peace, he needs to go speak some common sense into the North Korean President’s idiotic brain.

North Koreas nuclear program’s tensions heightened when they tested two intercontinental missiles in July.  This doesn’t go without saying, however that if North Korea were ever a serious threat in which a missile came close to our country, our armed forces would be more than ready to wreak havoc on their country and China, if necessary.

The regime was also angered last week when the UN decided to increase economic sanctions against them. According to Chinese state media, the Chinese President told Trump that both parties should halt any “words and deeds” that could escalate the situation to become a more hostile one.

M. Jinping also stated that the US and China share common interests on denuclearization and maintaining peace with North Korea. But, Mr. Jinping should also understand that only talking with President Trump will not make matters any better.

Obviously Mr. Trump has a great intention to have peace amongst the US and North Korea, but the North Korean President doesn’t share the same views. He is an adrenaline junky who is looking to cause trouble, despite the fact that Trump has made multiple attempts to make peace with North Korea.

Mr. Jinping needs to sit down with Kim Jong-Un and break it to him that if his mediocre actions continue, an unnecessary war will break out and only then will he discover the true power of the US armed forces.

Since Kim Jong-Un thinks it’s necessary to test out missiles that we’ve been witnessing the past few weeks, Trump made his final call to action to North Korea. Mr. Trump stated that if anything happens to the US or the US territory of Guam, North Korea should expect “big, big trouble.” Mr. Trump did also add in a brief statement that he hopes nothing bad arises and he doesn’t intend for there to be war. He hopes it will all work out and he stated that nobody loves a more peaceful solution, than himself.

On Friday, the United States Defense Secretary James Mattis stated that he hopes to solve the tensions between both countries with diplomacy. He went on to say that war would be fatal and diplomacy would result in a better solution.

North Korea did say that an attack near the Pacific territory of Guam is imminent, however there have been no signs to support this statement as of yet.

North Korea better choose wisely because if it’s war they want, although Mr. Trump wants peace, if it is necessary, America will unleash hell on North Korea.

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