The Trump administration has released a budget plan that proposes an idea of how the country’s money will be spent and how revenue should be generated throughout the next decade.  It has provided insight on where the Republican Party’s priorities are regarding spending, and on where they think the money should be best spent.

The plan would increase costs for our country’s defense and infrastructure- yes, that does mean the wall. Government agencies such as The Department of Homeland Security, Defense, and Veterans Affairs will all see an increase of spending and funding with the new proposed budget plan from the president. The Department of Labor, Interior, Justice, Housing and Urban Development, Education, Transportation and the Environment Protection Agency will all take a back seat to the budget plan and will ultimately have less to spend.

The cutting of numerous programs aims to eliminate the budget deficit within the next 10 years. Welfare requirements would be changed, meaning that in order to qualify, people would have to get jobs. The numbers may add up on paper or in the Republican Party’s mind but in reality, the plan is set for disaster.

The congressional budget office estimates that the economy will only expand an average of 1.8 percent annually over the course of a decade. The Trump administration’s prediction estimates an economical growth of $200 billion annually.  The work productivity is way too slow as it is already, the workforce is aging and consumers are spending less money, which makes the Trump proposal even more unrealistic. This budget plan that is under review.