What is up everyone? How are we all doing on the fine sunny day in the great United States of America. The country we pledge allegiance and loyalty to. The same country that same country that elected our president and the same country that that attempts to ridicule his presence and authority as commander-In-Chief.

During his Presidential campaign, President and Business Tycoon, Donald Trump outlined a few things in his campaign. A couple of the major ones are his tax plan, and most recently, his budget plan. Donald Trump arguably has the greatest tax plan of all time. Here is why this illustrious statement is so accurate. Below are just a couple of the changes under the Trump Tax Plan:

  • Instead of having 7 tax brackets, there will be 3 (10%, 25%, 35%). Great to simplify things. Less is more.
  • 8% Net Investment income tax
  • The tax on Dividends will remain at the 15% and 20%
  • My favorite one of them all is changing the business tax rate from 35% to 15%
  • Tax overseas Profits

Allow me to explain briefly what this means for the US Economy. By decreasing the Corporate Tax Rate from 35% to 15%, it places a dramatic increase in Corporates Profits thus boasting company growth, the stock market, more hiring which results in an increase in the United States GDP and the overall economy.

Now allow me to touch up on the point of this article, what will Mr. Trump’s budget plan do?

Today I cam across some very interesting information. The Congressional Budget Office said that Donald Trump’s budget will not only be bad for the economy but will increase the deficit.

Honestly, I don’t when America will get it through their thick skulls that there is no decreasing the deficit. Are you guys blind? Haven’t you noticed that it has been increasing more over the past 10-20 years than its been decreasing. The same crap with our debt. We owe so much money I don’t see the point in keeping track. You guys must have your heads stuck on Cloud 9 if you think either of those two things are going to drop. If you ask me screw all that irrelevant BS and focus on our economy itself. If you ask me or anyone else with commom sense, the Trump Tax Plan is a magnificent start to a continued recovery in our economy. We are the Super Power of the world. You guys seems to have forgotten that. Thank you and have a wonderful day!