The Senate has gone on to block a wide ranging proposal of the Republicans to officially repeal Obamacare. Democrats might have seen this as a defeat for the Republicans, but there is still much work to be done on this plan to repeal the former presidents Healthcare Plan.

On Tuesday, Senators voted 57-43 to reject the repeal. Out of the senators voting no, 9 of them are defecting Republicans. This amendment vote is not a defeat, but definitely creates a rocky road ahead for the GOP senators efforts to achieve some form of replacement for Obama care. The senate was able to narrowly revive the bill in a jaw-dropping test that took place Tuesday evening.

Senators planned to vote Wednesday on yet another Republican amendment that would repeal much of the health care law and give congress about 2 years to come up with their replacement but Republicans were in for yet another surprise. On Wednesday afternoon, the plan was rejected yet again. A strong democratic opposition and Republicans that are fearful to repeal Obama care without a plan already set to replace it, had their doubts and voted to not pass the plan just yet.

The vote showed just how much work Republicans have to put in into creating a new health care plan to be able to officially repeal Obamacare. Republicans want security and without many of them seeing a plan already set to replace Obamacare, they are fearful of just abandoning a health care plan, without a plan in place to replace it.

The rejected amendment was based on what Senator McConnell likes to call, erasing Obama’s tax penalties on people who do not buy insurance, cuts to Medicaid, and cutting down on its subsidies for many consumers.

Senator John McCain also put in his two cents and voted against the bill. Finally in a united front, Republicans and Democrats took to applaud the Senator and six-term lawmaker. He gave the crowd a thumbs up and a smile showing just how strong and positive he is even while fighting cancer.

In a speech held by President Trump in Ohio, he had no shame in letting it be known that everyone who voted against his amendment, would be in trouble. The president stated in his speech, “Any Senator who votes against repeal and replace, they’ll have a lot of problems.”

Trump is eager to repeal and replace the so called “horrific” plan that Obama created while he was in office. The only major problem is the lack of a full plan that would be ready to replace the Obama care swiftly after it would be thrown out the window. That fact alone, has every Democrat and even some Republicans with eyes wide open and scared to vote to replace and repeal Obamacare.