Technology is always advancing and blowing our mind.

Now, car manufacturers are working on a feature that will improve our view while driving: cars that have a dashboard made entirely out of glass. Even the center of the steering wheel is made of glass, giving it the look of a game console. Of course, you might be flabbergasted of the thought of this feature and thinking this feature is horribly unsafe. But, surprisingly enough it is completely safe.

CNN has announced that this car was shown in New York City to investors. The glass is made of a material called Gorilla Glass. It’s the same material Apple uses for the screens on their products. You might be wondering, what happens if you end up in an accident? Well, an airbag will instantly deploy and protect you before hitting your head on the glass panel, plus the glass won’t shatter into a million pieces.

Another astounding feature is that the glass is flexible. This allows it to bend around complex contours. Maybe that’s why it won’t shatter that easily!

Other incredible features about the dashboard is the fact that the display will become easier to see. Instead of always looking down to see how fast you’re driving or checking your RPM, this information is now projected on the windshield. Allowing you to keep your eyes on the road. Lastly, the dashboard is now completely touch screen similar to that of Tesla.

Now here comes a fun fact, the center of the steering wheel is made out of glass and looks like a video game controller. Now, instead of having a gearbox in your vehicle, it is now on the steering wheel. That way, you just need to tap if you want to put the vehicle in drive, reverse, or so on.

Other tools like the turning signals, windshield wipers, etc are now also now just a tap away! Also, the roof is made of glass and has a feature which allows you to make it not transparent. So basically, you have a sun roof without the cover, you’ll always see the outside without the sun bothering you!

The big question is how strong is the Glass? Well, CNN has stated that the glass is less likely to crack even if a stone were to hit it. Of course, words aren’t enough to please the crowd. That’s why a demonstration was held to show what would happen if the glass did break. The results? a few little pieces flying outside the car and most of the glass remained intact.