We have many problems in this country. Telling people how they should feel about terms and stereotypes pertaining to them is one of them. You can’t tell a person of Muslim faith how to feel about terrorist jokes, a Mexican person how to feel about joking around about their legal status or a black person not to be offended by blackface or the use of the N-Word. The same goes for our Native American brothers and sisters when as it pertains to the word “redskin” and it’s use. Native Americans have been fighting over the trademark from the NFL’s Washington Redskins name for sometime now and the Supreme Court has finally responded to their request.
The Supreme Court’s ruling over the court stated that the Redskins have the right to keep the name due to a technicality in their rules. Although the name Redskin is deemed offensive to many Native Americans, the ruling didn’t hold up due to “freedom of speech” being potentially being violated. The attorney for the Washington Redskins Lisa Blatt told CNN “The Team is thrilled with today’s unanimous decision as it resolves the Redskins’ long-standing dispute with the government. The Supreme Court vindicated the Team’s position that the First Amendment blocks the government from denying or canceling a trademark registration based on the government’s opinion.” I find it funny how in this case the First Amendment gives people the right to offend yet Native Americans aren’t allowed to be offended. Since the teams inception in 1932, the team has been battling the issue of the name. 
This ruling is unfair to the Native American people and speaks to a larger problem in our country. This issue isn’t about about laws and technicalities. This is about whats right, what’s wrong, and morals. The word is offensive and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see it. Lisa Blatt is a white woman living in America and isn’t affected by an issue such as this. I understand doing your job and such but if she was a minority, I don’t believe she would have taken the same stance against the Native American people. You can throw the First Amendment around all you want, but if it were valued like it should be, this wouldn’t be an issue in the first place. This is one ruling but I don’t expect the Native American people to go down without a fight. 
Photo by: Fibonacci Blue