Another day in the Trump era and of course, another hate crime. It’s cases like these that have been going on for sometime now and its really starting to grind my gears. A young Muslim girl lost her life in a hate crime while grabbing a bite to eat. I shouldn’t generalize the people committing these hate crimes but since people want to generalize and attack others, f*** it lets do it. Most of the people combining these hate crimes are Trump supporters who have felt comfortable enough to commit these actions. We’ve seen the majority, if not close to all, of these incidents tied to Trump since he entered office. From kids being bullied in school to incidents involving this young woman, it’s been a nonstop cycle of terror.
This incident took place during Ramadan in Virginia where a group of Muslim teenagers where approached by a car around 3:40 am according to the Washington Post. Darwin Torres got into an argument with one of the teenagers on a bike and after driving his car on a curb, he got out of his car and attacked 17-year-old Nabra Hassanen with a metal baseball bat and drove off with her in his car. Torres assaulted her again in the car and proceeded to dump her body in a pond next to his apartment complex. After her body was discovered the examiner confirmed that she had died from blunt force trauma. Her mother Sawsan Gazzar told the Washington Post that she was wearing an abaya to cover her head which could have led to her being targeted although the Fairfax Country Police Department doesn’t believe that the incident wasn’t racially motivated and called it a “road rage” incident.
 I want to say I’m surprised but this has really turned into a social norm. As a Muslim, you should be able to practice your freedom of speech and freedom of religion without worrying about being targeted or assaulted. This young woman was only 17 years old and had her whole life ahead of her. Accidents do and will happen but this here is no accident. The fact that the authorities can sit there with a straight face and call this a “road rage” incident is disgusting and pathetic. Its clear as day she was targeted because of her beliefs. You don’t assault a woman with a baseball bat, kill her then throw her body in a pond without malicious intent. The law enforcement officials in this case should be ashamed of themselves and incidents like these are why the tension between civilians and law enforcement are growing at such a rapid rate. You can’t look that young woman’s parents in the eyes and give that excuse for their daughter being killed. You just simply can’t. These officials give good police officers a bad name and we need to do better. 
Darwin Martinez Torres
Fairfax County Police Department