President Donald Trump and his administration began a hiring blitz of personal lawyers to help shield them from any possible exposure they might face as witnesses or suspects in the Russian investigation. Since Robert Mueller was named the special counsel to head the Justice Department’s, widening Russian Investigation, President Trump has been extra cautious in making sure he takes the right measure to prevent any legal backlash that will come his way.  As the probe continues into the ties with Trump’s campaign and Russians who sought to compromise the election by hacking Democrats, Trump and his team is making it a mission to make sure they receive no repercussion. The President has assembled at least four outside attorneys.

The attorneys are being led by Trump’s longtime counsel Marc Kasowitz, who has represented Trump for 15 years on a range of business matters.  Kasowitz is basically Trump’s go to guy for any legal issues or business related matters. He is his best reflect of  Trump’s  own combative style. Kasowitz is attached to a New York firm bearing his name and has a bunch of superlatives attached to his resume. He has been known to be the toughest lawyer in Wall Street and an uber-litigator.

Kasowitz’s legal team has recently expanded throughout the years and includes Jay Sekulow and John Dowd. Jay Sekulow is the vocal advocate for religious rights and John Dowd who is a legal brawler that once led the Major League Baseball’s investigation that ultimately banned the hit king, Pete Rose, from the game. Dowd has made statements regarding the investigation against President Trump saying “I don’t think I’ve seen a president so poorly and unfairly treated by the press. It is a hate campaign. The hostility that is directed towards the president and his family is ridiculous.” It was the reason Dowd accepted Kasowitz’s invitation to join the team.

Many of the people in Trump’s administration have lawyered up including Vice President Mike Pence and  Trump’s son-in-law and close advisor Jared Kushner. Also the nation’s Chief Law enforcement, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has gotten a lawyer. Even some of Trump’s lawyers have lawyers including Michael Cohen, another longtime Trump business attorney who is not part of the Russian team. Cohen hired former federal prosecutor Stephen Ryan after congressional investigator sought information from him about possible contacts with Russia. The Trump team has expanded its legal enterprise to keep pace not only with Mueller’s inquiry but with investigations at least three congressional are pursuing. It includes the Senate and House intelligence panels and the Senate Judiciary Committee.

However, regardless of how big Trump and his administration’s defense team is it won’t shield the amount of corruption and lies that will soon unfold throughout the investigation. President Trump has lied to the media and American citizens on many occasions. When asked about his allies being tied with the Russians Trump becomes very defensive and his personality shifts in the worse way.