President Donald Trump finally found a court that will endorse the travel ban.

Since Trump took office back in January 2017, he triggered a lot of chaos. The travel ban law that he proposed kept refugees and immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim nations from entering the country for 120 days. The countries that are affected by the travel ban are Iran, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia. It was an immigration law that Trump discussed during his Presidential campaign, but still caught many United States citizens by surprise. According to CNN news, Trump’s team never ran the order by with officials at the Justice Department. Homeland Security officials weren’t given much guidance about how the order would be implemented or enforced.

The travel ban created a lot of chaos and confusion. The ban affected green card holders and people with valid visas as well. Some people who were traveling and in the air when Trump signed the travel ban order weren’t able to enter the country when they landed. Some people were detained and others were sent back to where they flew from. The travel ban quickly grew a lot of attention from angry American citizens and a federal judge temporarily blocked Trump’s orders.  After the court blocked the order Trump issued a revised edition. The Department of Justice has gone to the Supreme Court. The president after a few months might have found a court that will endorse the travel ban.

General Jeffrey B., who is the acting solicitor, had asked the court for two things. First, he asked the court to allow the travel ban to go into effect now and second he wanted the Supreme court to hear arguments about its legality later on next fall.  Many people believe the Justice Department would want to review the lower court opinions first before they allow the travel ban to be implemented.  As the court contemplates the government’s request and the country waits to hear a decision announced about the travel ban law legal experts are overwhelmed.

According to CNN, President Trump says his Justice Department should not have submitted a “watered down,” politically correct version to the supreme court .Trump’s suggestions that changes to the travel ban were due to political correctness could hamper his administration’s legal argument that the executive order targeted Muslims. The President had called for a complete shutdown of Muslim immigrants to the United States. The Justice Department lawyers have also gone to great lengths to avoid calling it a travel ban, but simply “the executive order.”

I ask that the Supreme Court deny the travel ban from being implemented. The reason why I feel like the travel ban law is another stupid idea and strategy from the idiot President Donald Trump is because it stereotypes and racially profiles all people from those countries as being a threat or terrorist to our country when in reality it is only a selected group of people from those areas.  I feel it is wrong to target people and deny them from the United States just because of certain sick minded and horrible individuals from those countries. I believe our President is only damaging us citizens even further because most Americans in 2017 have backgrounds, families, and heritage that stem from outside of our country.  When he passes a law that bans certain people from not entering the United States just because of where they live it only divides the country and makes it more hated. The travel ban will only create more turmoil within the United States and it should not be approved by the Supreme Court.