Trump will cut about $800 billion dollar out of the Medicaid program to create his new budget plan. This program provided health coverage to millions of Americans citizens. For the president to decide a cut that helps million of citizens is (forgive my french) complete bullshit.

The Medicaid program helps roughly 70 million low income adult, children, and people with disabilities.

He wants to make America great again but how is he suppose to do that if he taking away health coverage from millions of American who need it? Who’s he making America great for?

Mj Lee and Tami Luhby from CNN stated that in 2020, states will no longer receive funding Рthis will result in an estimated 14 million Americans that will lose coverage. What kind of president will take away money from the less fortunate?

What Does Medicaid Do?

Here are just some items that Medicaid takes care of:

  • Medicaid insures 3/10 Americans
  • The majority of Medicaid recipients are children
  • Medicaid is the largest insurer for elderly, disabled, and persons coming from families with a low socioeconomic status
  • 77% of people covered through Medicaid are satisfied with their coverage

Medicaid covers all services that are medically necessary. For these people, there is almost never a second choice.