The political world is buzzing because it has been revealed the President Donald J. Trump has hired attorney Marc Kasowitz. Why is president Trump hiring an attorney?  Is he afraid of being caught colluding with the Russians?


And everyone needs to stop rejoicing.

This is standard operating procedure and it should be noted there is absolutely ZERO evidence with Russian meddling.

Former Obama admin CIA leader john Brennan has testified  that he has seen 0 evidence of trump colluding.

Marc Kasowitz is known as one of the toughest attorneys and a real powerful force in the legal world. It was reported that white house layers have been looking into Impeachment and rep. Al green D, Texas has called for the impeachment of the president.

“This is a flat out disgrace – we are threatening a president with impeachment when there is zero evidence.”

The dishonest (left) media has been against Trump from the beginning and it’s no surprise that they are escalating the Russian claims. Every day there is new “breaking news” story about Russia, yet they all have one thing in common no facts. It always says from a source close to the situation my question is who the source is because I don’t believe they have a source. A special council was just brought into oversee the Russian case former FBI director Robert Mueller will take over and is seen fair by both sides of the isle. However there is a suspicious conflict of interest… who was Robert Mueller’s deputy FBI director? none other than James Comey who is a key witness in the case. I have yet to see 1 piece of evidence that shows that Russia influenced anybody’s vote whatsoever. I can tell you I didn’t have a KGB officer outside my voting booth telling me who to vote for. This is just another sore losing tactic the democrats are going to use because they are astonished that they lost. James Comey is ready to talk but does he really have anything against Trump. I don’t believe so, matter of fact he has said in the past that he does not.

President Trump is trying to do his job but he’s not being allowed to do so.

On Monday night a terrorist attack happened in the UK however instead of covering that MSNBC, CNN, ABC can be seen talking about Russian collusion – I mean are we serious? Even after this whole Russian collusion case is over and Trump is cleared I would be willing to bet anything that the democrats will come up with a new reason why they lost. They blame Russia for Hillary’s emails when if she would’ve protected those emails wikileaks wouldn’t have gotten them in the first place.  Until I see 1 piece of evidence against Trump he is completely innocent and any democrat who would like to challenge me please show me your facts.


*Photo by Michael Vadon